Blogs that cover specific markets and technologies take your messages and value directly to your target audience, bypassing the traditional media. For message dissemination, you can contribute to popular, industry-recognized blogs; for customer relations, you can create your own blog.

IMC is a holistic approach to marketing communications that leverages the elements of Marketing’s 4P’s (product, placement, price, and promotion) to ensure that a company is consistently communicating its messaging.

LinkedIn is a direct connect, professional business oriented social networking site that is ideal for one-to-many and many-to-many targeted group discussions that can optimize thoughts and ideas to shape opinions and leadership positioning.

MicroBlogs such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal for alerting recipients and groups to breaking news and directing them to more information, again, bypassing traditional media.

Newsletters are a direct communication and measurement tool that allows businesses to regularly distribute value added news, partner, company and business information to a targeted list of customers. Newsletters maintain contact with existing customers; and recipients often forward them to others.

News Room is a key foundation piece of any company website. It is a resource for press, analysts, stakeholders and customers to learn about your business. It includes key elements such as web-optimized press releases, linked press coverage, executive bios, investor relations, awards, speaking engagements, events, corporate backgrounder, and fact sheets. The News Room exploits an optimized mix of text, graphics, and video, as well as distribution links such as RSS feed.

SEO & SEM – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing – are critical to improving website volume, ranking and tracking. They enable your target audience to zero in on your solutions quickly – even when they’ve never heard of you.

Press Releases 2.0 and other documents are a written form of communication that now leverage search engine optimized keywords, contextual tags, and hyperlinks that ease and speed your communication to your target audience’s and media and analyst’s information through direct distribution or online searches – bringing the audience to you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Public Relations implements key word integration to support strategic objectives, via a glossary of words and phrases. Consistent SEO PR can result in increased web site traffic; ranking and inbound linking that can help drive sales.

Social Networks and Wikis that enable your company to establish its own informal public face. It’s easy to create, edit, and hyperlink pages to your company website.

Viral and Video advertising using established social media sites, such as YouTube and Facebook, can be very effective channels for your marketing campaigns – and can be very cost-effective.