From Stealth to Launch: Client Rolls Protocol Acceleration Subsystem

Client: CebaTech Inc.

Industry: Embedded, Networking and Storage

Challenges: Transform Company and its positioning from one of silicon intellectual property (IP) to that of an embedded systems company that offers both industry-standard IP and PCI Express-enabled FPGA-based subsystem boards.

Strategy: Update Company and brand messaging. Develop systems product launch strategy while maintaining IP image and market position. Rework company website to reflect company’s new position. Work with executive team to define short and long term strategies and messages to establish a high profile in an increasingly noisy market space.

Results: Skye worked with the client to determine new business and value propositions for its target market and product launch. The client and Skye reviewed and assessed the market, competitors and company’s competitive position, and planned its long-term communications strategy for 2010 and into 2011. With Skye’s assistance, CebaTech successfully retooled the company website to leverage social media, SEO, SEM and PPC opportunities now and in the future.

The outcome was a successful embedded system product launch, while strengthening the client’s position in the silicon IP domain.